PT. SAS Aero Sishan (SAS) is a company
developing adefense systems and technologies.

SAS combines expertise from founders’ expertise, previous experience, and newly-recruited aerospace experts to tackle challenges in Indonesian aerospace & defense industry.

SAS’s roots dates back to 2011 when our founders built business and technical foundations in process and manufacturing industry.


To be a leading, reputable manufacturer and prime contractor of advanced weapons, systems, and platforms program for military and coast guard in South East Asia.


To develop, manufacture, and supply advanced weapons, systems, and platforms tailor-made for operation characteristics and cost restrictions in Indonesian Army.


PT. SAS Aero Sishan has experts to support the product development process which is one of the company’s core values. Experts with various educational backgrounds and expertise including. Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Telecommunication, and

Defense Industry Registration

PT. SAS Aero Sishan has been registered as a defense industry through Letter of Registration
As An Industry of Defence Number : SP/VI/2021/DJPOT

Holding Company

PT. SAS Aero Sishan oversees several subsidiaries
companies engaged in various sectors. The subsidiaries
include PT. SAS Andalan Sinergi engaged in Trading
Military Products includes Military Aircraft, Military
Vehicle, Battleships, Weapon System, Missile,
Rocket and Spare Part for Military Product.
PT. SAS Segara Rekateknik engaged in mechanical
system design and development, manufacturing,
and maintenance for various industries. dan
PT. SAS Intereka Sistem engaged in control system
design, software and AI for product of technology.

Policy and Qualty Goal

Policy Quality

To achieve the Quality Goal, the entire staff of PT SAS AERO SISHAN (SAS) is committed to implementing the company’s quality policy as follows :

  1. Provide quality products
  2. Improving the competence of Human Resources and empowering all employees as valuable assets to provide the best service for customers
  3. Continuously improve Information Technology capabilities to face global competition
  4. Increasing the role of internal control and risk management to encourage effective and efficient operations and
  5. Implement continuous improvement through the implementation of an effective and efficient Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Quality Goal

The Quality Goal of PT SAS AERO SISHAN (SAS) have been set as follows:

  1. The work carried out meets the specifications agreed with the service user.
  2. The implementation of the work is carried out by Workers who have Competence according to the type of service provided.
  3. The number of Customer Complaints does not exceed 10% of the total number of customers
  4. > 90% Customer complaints resolved within 2 x 24 working hours
  5. The completion time of the work does not exceed 10% of the time period that has been agreed with SAS service users.