Services & Maintenance

SAS has the capability to perform maintenance, repair, modification and upgrade for various military
vehicle and equipment.

  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Upgrade & Modification

Guidance, Navigation, & Control

SYSTEM ENGINEERING for FLIGHT GUIDANCE, NAVIGATION, AND CONTROL (GNC) has been developed as our core competence. This is one of the core technologies for advanced weapon systems such as unmanned combat aircraft (UCAV), guided munitions, guided rockets, and missiles.

Our engineering methodology is adapted from aerospace standards: ARP-4754, ARP-4761, and DO-178. We use model-based development and advanced simulation and analysis for validation.

Electronics & Software

We have in-house electronics, embedded system, and software development team.

This team can implement our GNC and mission systems in suitable hardware and software.

Mechanical Design

We have in-house mechanical engineers and designers that can design mechanical parts/components and mechanisms and apply proper analysis.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Our team is capable of developing small and tactical-class UAV product for military application.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

We have facilities and partners to handle part/component manufacturing and fabrication for defense industry.