Product Under Development

Light Mortar Carrier

SAS and the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Indonesia
(Research and Development) developed the 81 mm
light mortar carrier with the towing version.

Light Glider

SAS is developing lightweight guided munition system called Light Glider.

There are two versions with the same airframe:

  • Guide bomb (without propulsion) and
  • Subsonic missile (with jet engine)

Light glider is standoff weapon designed for light aircraft and MALE class UAV

FFAR Guidance Kit

SAS is developing Infrared Imaging Guidance Kit for 70mm FFAR rocket,FFAR 70mm (unguided) is widely used in Indonesia Air Force and Planned to be used in Indonesia MALE UAV

Guidance system can be immediately applied to exsting rockets and launcher system

Bomb Guidance Kit

SAS is developing Tail Guidance Kit for NATO (Mark 80) bomb that are widely used by Indonesian Air Force.

The guidance kit is similar with US’s JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munition)

Light MLRS

SAS is developing light MLRS vehicle for 70mm rockets (guided or unguided).

This vehicle is designed to be highly mobile and fully automated